TL Blacklight 6W 08 BLB Philips

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TL Blacklight 6W 08 BLB Philips
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Blacklight Blue TL Mini TL 6W BLB

This TL Miniature lamp (tube diameter 16 mm) is made of blacklight

blue (dark blue) glass, which transmits UV-A radiation, but gives only a

minimum of visible light. It is a perfect solution for quick detection of

UV-reflecting materials. It is used especially for testing, inspection and

analysis in various branches of industry, e.g. criminology, philately and

medicine. Furthermore, it is applied to create special effects in the

entertainment industry, e.g. in nightclubs and theaters.

Lampvoet G5

Lampvorm T5 [16 mm]

Levensduur tot 50% uitval conv 8000 hr

Kleur code 108 [08 lead free glass]

Lichtkleur Blacklight Blue

Nominaal lampvermogen 6 W

Lampspanning 42 V

Lampstroom 0.170 A

Totaal lengte C 226.3 (max) mm

Lamp diameter D 16 (max) mm

Bestelcode 950987 27

EOC productcode 871150095098727

Productnaam TL 6W BLB 1FM



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